• Ecological for using Argonite Gass, "IG-55".

  • Ecological

    Argonite gas "IG-55" is clean and friendly to our mother earth. Concerning about the global ecology and environment, Argonite, which is composed of natural elements, Argon ( 50% ) and Nitrogen ( 50% ) does not destroy any ozone or contribute in any way to global warming.

  • Global Standard

    Argonite ( IG-55 ) has been recognized by NFPA 2001. It has been widely utilized and acknowledged as in international standard fire extinguishing agent.

  • Safety

    Argonite does not have bad effect on material after discharge, therefore, the system is appropriate to use in places such as semi-conductor manufacturing plants where an electrically nonconductive agent is essential or desirable, or where clean up of other materials presents a problem.

  • Widely Applicable

    Argonite can be effectively utilized on various kinds of combustibles and especially appropriate to subjects for which water type or foam type fire extinguishing system are not compatible. In view of this feature of Argonite, it is suitable in the protection of electric facilities and many more applications.

  • Convenient

    Argonite Cabinex is ideally suitable for various kinds of industrial equipment as the detection system circuit is selectable for AND / OR operation. Using various optional sensors, the system is compatible with almost all equipment installation. Argonite Cabinex is selectable for manual or automatic activation. As the unit for fire extinguish agent can be separated from the control panel, Argonite Cabinex can be installed in almost every situation.

Main Type Integrated Type Separate Type Control Unit
Model No. AGX-2 AGX-4 AGX-8 CPX-AGR ( Exposed Type ) CPX-AGU ( Recess Type )
  External Dimentions
( H×W×D ) mm
1,150×400×300 1,150×400×300 1,660×
Main Chasis&Container Total Weight Approx.70kg Approx.80kg Approx.110kg Approx.5.4kg Approx. 5.7kg
Extinguishing Agent IG-55
Discharge Volume 1.8m3(20℃) 3.8m3(20℃) 7.3m3(20℃) -
Coating Specifications Red, Melamine Baking Finish
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40℃
Control Function Input Supply Voltage Range 100V, 110V, 200V, 220V AC 50/60Hz ( with each voltage terminal )
Power Consumption 24VA Max.
Operation Circuit Voltage DC24V
Sensor Input Circuit 2 Systems ( AND / OR operation selection system )
Push Button for Start-Up Red Push Button ( with breaking acrylic plate )
Reset Button White Push Button
Automatic / Manual Operation Selector Switch The fire extinguisher can be operated with a sensor input signal in the automatic mode
Alarm Buzzer Electronic Buzzer ( Continuous sound in case of fire, Intermittent sound in case of abnormal condition )
Buzzer Stop Switch Stops the intermittent sound in case of abnormal condition ( The continuous sound in case of a fire cannot be stopped )
Power Indicator Lamp Green LED
Auto Indicator Lamp Green LED ( Light up in the auto mode )
Fire Indicator Lamp Red LED ( Flashing in case of fire )
Discharge Indicator Lamp Red LED ( Flashing when the start up unit operates )
Fault Indicator Lamp Yellow LED ( Flashing at start up unit failure, sensor wiring line suspended and fire extinguishing agent container reduced pressure )
Barn Out Indicator Lamp Red LED ( Flashing at sensor wiring line suspended )
Unit Failure Indicator Lamp Red LED ( Flashing when the start up unit connector is not connected yet )
Reduced Pressure Indicator Lamp Red LED ( Flashing when the Fire Extinguishing Container Inner Pressure Drops )
Buzzer Stop Indicator Lamp Red LED ( Flashing at buzzer stop )
Fire Annunciating Contact Contact c×1
Machine Stop Contacts Contact c×1, Contact a×1, Contact b×1
Power Failure Annunciating Contact Contact c×1
Contact Specifications Contact Capacity: 60W / 125VA Max. Maximum Current: 1A Maximum Voltage: 250V AC / 200V DC
Timer Delayable up to 10 seconds
Option Battery Ni-Cd Battery / 24V DC / 0.45Ah / 5Hours
Remote Start Button Possible to start up remote push button
Sub Type Separate Type
Model No. AGX-2S AGX-4S AGX-8S AGX-13S AGX-16S
Main Chasis & Container External Dimentions
( H×W×D ) mm
Total Weight Approx.67kg Approx.77kg Approx.107kg Approx.170kg Approx.190kg
Extinguishing Agent IG-55
Discharge Volume 1.8m3
Coating Specifications Red, Melamine Baking Finish
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40℃