Flatness Gage FC-3


The Electronics Inc. Almen Strip Holder Flatness Gage is a convenient and accurate tool for measuring the flatness of an Almen strip holder while the holder is attached to the test fixture. Additional features include:

  • Easy-to-use two-piece design
  • Assures compliance to SAE J442
  • Easy-to-read dial indicator with .01 mm resolution
  • Unique from design confirms correct location of the Almen holder’s screws

The testing procedure is accomplished in three steps:

1. Attach the flatness checker’s frame to the Almen strip holder with the four supplied screws. (Note: Attaching the frame will verify the accuracy of the holder’s screw locations. If the flatness checker’s frame can be attached to the holder, the holder’s hole locations are within tolerance as required by SAE J442. (Nadcap also requires this compliance to SAE J442.)

2. Place the dial indicator on the frame and traverse the length and width of the frame.

3. Observe the indicator reading. If it is within ±0.1 mm, the flatness of the holder’s surface is in compliance to SAE J442.