Home Residential Water Energizer System “RWE-S”

Home Residential Water Energizer System “RWE-S”


World-class eco-friendly water conditioner saves water and softens it with no chemicals/salt used. One time investment for a life time of benefits. Immediately converts your home into a “Green” one. 

Eco-friendly residential water conditioner “RWE-S” for hot & cold water offers a non-chemical way to treat the water in your home and get all the benefits and characteristics of soft water, in a safe and natural manner.

Magnetizer™ conditions water by reducing its surface tension, without removing vital and healthy mineral content. Therefore there will be no reduction in mineral count (grains of hardness). The minerals, however, will no longer form hard scale in your plumbing system, but will be carried in the water and be readily absorbed by humans, animals and plants. This is obviously a great benefit. Magnetizer™’s magnetic influence causes the mineral scale build-up to dissolve and acid stains on the armature to disappear.

Water will be fully oxygenated and full of healthy minerals. Users indicate that the magnetizered, i.e. ionized water tastes and smells better. Unpleasant chlorine or sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) odors are eliminated or dramatically reduced as Magnetizer™ creates de-gassification. As water becomes softer soap lathers effortlessly, clothes wash cleaner. Bathing feels fresher and hair is softer and silkier with less shampoo used. Women claim they use less skin cream as skin becomes hydrated and feels softer and less dry. Because Magnetizer™ makes water wetter/softer by reducing the surface tension, you will be able to reduce the amount of your laundry detergent and dish-washing soap. It is recommended for glassware and dishes that a liquid soap be used for best results.

The proven Magnetizer™ “RWE-S” is a chemical free, salt free, and permanent healthy answer to your hard water problems. Not only does it improve the water quality, but the existing scale buildup from years of hard water scale accumulation in your pipes, water heater and plumbing system will be magnetically dissolved in the water. The result: your plumbing and appliances will have a much longer maintenance-free life and will use much less energy, resulting in an appreciable savings in heating energy and money.

This process of removing or dissolving old scale is not an instantaneous process (users report changes observed from 30 minutes upon installation up to 30 days). Initially you need to flush your faucets and toilets for 5-10 minutes at a time (please see the Stabilization Period procedure spelled out for you below). Early results will be seen as the calcium build-up on shower heads and appliances dissolves and disappears, and flushed water temporarily becomes murky, yellow or red color, as the corrosion deposits are also removed from the piping. Slow water flow will be improved due to its lowered surface tension.

Magnetizer™ is easy to install without any tools – it simply straps on ANY standard steel or PVC pipe (ø ½ – 1 ¼”) on the cold water inlet to your home/apartment AND on the hot water outlet from your boiler or heater. There are no moving parts which could wear out plus it requires no external power, nor any modification to your existing plumbing. It comes with a Life Time Power Warranty and will be replaced at no cost to you if it ever looses its magnetic strength.


This is NOT a purifier, but works very well with all kinds of existing filters, as well as Reverse Osmosis systems. Tests show that Magnetizer™ system maximizes filter efficiency by breaking up particles in water. Filters will remove greater amounts of toxins. They will also last longer as carbonate clogging will not occur. More information you will find in the second answer of FAQ here.

An Important Note

Magnetizer™ is a scientifically designed product and it always will work for you. However, it may require, especially in older homes/plumbing, some help from you in order to work for you dilligently and permanently for the rest of your home existence. We recommend an easy Stabilization Period requirement in the first few weeks after purchase, for a lifetime of natural water treatment benefits.

Stabilization Period is the time process of removing all the existing scale from inside of your water pipes, fixtures and appliances. It is required that after installing your Magnetizer® “RWE-S” System, you open all your taps (hot and cold) at all sinks, showers, and bathtubs while flushing the toilets for a period of 10-15 minutes once a week for the first 3 weeks. This flushing will accelerate the “Stabilization Period” enabling you to enjoy more quickly the wonderful benefits of permanent, naturally conditioned, softer water. During the flushing cycle, some sediment may be deposited in the bathtub, which will be easy to remove. Additionally your water heater should be flushed by opening the bottom valve and allowing the water to run out until it runs clear. This should be done at approximately two to three week intervals (or more frequently), until you open the bottom valve and water runs out clear. If your water heater is a year old or less, this flushing requirement should not be necessary. If you have any questions about how to flush your water heater, contact your local plumber.  All flushing of systems to be done as per manufacturer’s requirements.

Customer comments

We are really enjoying our magnetic water conditioner. Installing a Mundimex magnetic water conditioner is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your home and most importantly for your family! It’s easy to install, it lasts a lifetime and you’ll love the results – no more hours of soaking and scrubbing!

Stacey Fajardo, Vancouver, WA   Read more user testimonials>>

Specifications “RWE-S”:
Unit Size: W 2-9/16″ L 5″ H 1-5/16″ Box Size: W 6-1/2″ L 4-7/8″ H 3-3/4″ Color: Red Included in the box: 2 pairs (four pieces), four plastic straps, installation instruction. Material used: Rare earth magnetic ceramic alloys, patented steel flux driver plate™, dipped in highest quality durable plastic for functionality and esthetic, distinguished look Magnetic strength: 7,500 Gauss-Ørsted energy units