Special couplings

Dust cover

The material is stainless steel for application of SPE and TL type.

Male thread type of SPE(SP) and HP series.

Using with a female work, an additional male nipple is unnecessary.

Couplings for high-pressure washers and car washers.

Valveless type for working pressure up to 15MPa. Ball lock type of stainless steel body.

Vacuum couplings with double O-rings.

Better air proof and better durability


Different types are available.

Pipe couplings for copper pipe. 

Vacuum making and "freon gas" charging. The triple sealing assures airproof. The original locking function holds the pipe tightly.


Large air flow type (with purge function)


A ball-valve in the socket eliminates the pressure loss. The applicable plugs are AL TYPE 20. The purge function released the remaining 


Automatic coupling

Multi-located couplings are connected, disconnected automatically by hydraulic cylinder.


One-touch connection for male-thread work.

Used in the inspection line

Engine-test coupling

One-touch application with the engine pipe reduces the engine test works.

The longer plug for deep position of the work increases the productivity.

Coupling for dental instruments and water piping.